About Queen's Cancer Center

A Brief History

The Queen's Hospital, now called The Queen’s Medical Center, was founded in 1859 by Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV.

In King Kamehameha IV’s initial speech to the legislature in 1854, the King voiced his desire to create a hospital for the people of Hawaii. At that time, the continued existence of the Hawaiian race was seriously threatened by the influx of disease brought to the islands by foreign visitors. Queen Emma enthusiastically supported the dream of a hospital, and the two campaigned tirelessly to make it a reality. They personally went door-to-door soliciting the necessary funding. The royal couple exceeded their goal in just over a month, raising $13,530. In turn, the Legislature appropriated $6,000.

Through six generations, The Queen’s Medical Center has become a major provider of health care to the people of our State and a part of the cultural fabric of Hawaii.

Multidisciplinary Care Clinics (Team Care)

Treating cancer is complex and requires the expertise of many highly trained people. Multidisciplinary clinics bring together a group of health professionals with a variety of special skills to plan a patient’s treatment and care options. The team considers all of the patient’s medical, physical and supportive care needs and develops the best care plan based on National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines combined with the pioneering evidence-based guidelines, treatment plans and best practices developed by experts at MD Anderson. These are disease-specific guidelines for cancer treatment, prevention, detection and follow-up care. In addition, Queen’s Cancer Center physicians routinely consult with MD Anderson’s cancer experts on challenging cases.

Queen’s Multidisciplinary Clinics benefit patients through faster access to treatment and referral services, improved care coordination, less duplication of medical tests, less travel for treatment planning and a greater opportunity to hear about clinical trials.

Queen’s Philosophy of Care

We believe that all people will be given care with dignity and respect, in an environment which is sensitive to each person's beliefs, values and culture. Each team member, patient and family is committed to a collaborative approach in providing an environment that will promote healing of mind, body and spirit. Our philosophy is extended in a place of harmony as guided by our founders, Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV.

Queen Emma, often said, “people are the key to healing.” A hospital-wide philosophy of care, called Lokomaika‘i, is the embodiment of that statement. Lokomaika‘i is a Hawaiian word that, in this interpretation, translates as “inner health.”

Lokomaika‘i is extended to patients, their families and employees, integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of caring. It is an outlook for treating the whole person involving the entire institution, from patient, to caregiver, to housekeeping staff. It is firmly believed that how employees treat each other is connected to the quality of care a patient receives. The purpose of Lokomaika'i is to create a healing environment throughout the organization which promotes and fosters partnerships with patients, their families and the health care team.

Lokomaika'i encourages patients and their families to be active participants in the wellness process. Patients are encouraged to thoroughly understand their medications and procedures and feel comfortable about speaking up if they are unclear. Relaxation and massage can be allowed as part of treatment. Hawaii's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population has been raised on complementary therapies, and awareness and acceptance of tradition is important.

Another aspect of Lokomaika‘i is to build a values-based organization centered on caring, compassion and aloha. The goal of Lokomaika‘i is to create a place of harmony, incorporating the vision and ideals of Queen's mission and history, with the latest in medical practices and healing of the mind, body and spirit.