The Queen’s Cancer Survivorship program provides the patient with a treatment summary, a Care Plan that identifies possible treatment side effects and techniques for managing them before they complete their cancer treatment. The nurse will provide you with a follow-up schedule to coordinate your MD visits and when to schedule diagnostic studies following ASCO and NCCN guidelines. The Survivorship Nurse will do a complete assessment of the cancer survivor and provide additional resources to the patient and family as needed. The Queen’s Cancer Survivorship Program can be reached at 808-691-7138.


  • The survivorship program offers services that specifically address the unique needs of cancer survivors in the years following treatment.
  • Our team will provide patients with treatment summary and follow-up care plan.
  • We provide education about managing side effects and health promotion activities, such as nutrition, exercise, and smoking cessation.
  • We assess and assist with meeting psychological, emotional, social, and economic concerns.


  • Ensure follow up and surveillance for any late effects of cancer and its treatment.
  • We will work closely with patients and their doctors to provide the best care following treatment.