Your Couple Care Experience on the Postpartum Unit

After recovery, you will be transferred to one of our private, spacious postpartum suites. Each room has a chair bed for one adult overnight support person, along with bedding and pillows.

Once you are settled in your bed, your baby will be taken to the Nursery for the admission process. Your partner or support person can go to the Nursery with your baby during this time. Baby will be assessed, bathed and will return to your room for couple care.

Couple care/24-hour rooming in: To promote positive bonding, successful breastfeeding, and to prepare you for caring for your baby at home, we recommend that you keep your baby with you during your stay. Queen’s skilled nursing staff will help you care for your baby, answer your questions and assist you in becoming comfortable with the care of your newborn.

Newborn care: A Neonatologist, a specialist in high-risk newborn care, oversees the nursery at Queen’s.

Pediatrician: You should choose and talk to your Pediatrician before you deliver. We will notify your baby’s pediatrician of your delivery. If your chosen Pediatrician does not practice at Queen’s, our Neonatologist will care for your baby while in the hospital and we will send applicable medical records to your Pediatrician’s office prior to your baby’s first well-baby visit.

Intermediate Care Nursery: In the event your newborn requires more specialty care, a Level II Nursery with highly trained nursing staff will care for your baby.

Infant security: Keeping your baby safe and secure is our top priority. When you child is born, an identification band will be placed on you, your baby and your support person. Your baby will also have a security device attached to his/her ankle so that we know your baby is always on the unit.

Breastfeeding: Although breastfeeding is natural, it can take some learning for both mom and baby. Your nurses have been trained in breastfeeding and they are committed to helping you during your stay. We will also provide you with information on helpful resources after you leave the hospital.

Newborn pictures: Professional pictures are taken in the hospital by a photographer with parent’s permission. Baby’s photos may be posted on the secured Queen’s website, if desired, and picture packages are available to order. 

Queen's has partnered with Mom 360 to capture your newborn's first moments. New parents can login to view and share those first precious photos. 

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