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In January 2012, The Queen’s Medical Center opened the only organ transplant center in Hawai’i and the Pacific Rim. The transplant center is home to physicians and staff with over 20 years of experience in transplantation. The Transplant Center team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to patients who require transplantation services.

The Queen's Medical Center is the largest private, non-profit, acute care medical facility in Hawai’i that has been serving the people in Hawai’i since opening in 1859. QMC is the leading referral center in the Pacific with a comprehensive range of primary and specialized care services.  Queen's is honored to be able to continue the tradition of transplant services in Hawai’i.

Our Mission
The mission of the Queen’s Transplant Center is to provide our patients with the opportunity to extend and enhance their quality of life through organ transplantation. The team is dedicated to excellence in practice, ethical responsibility, and creating an atmosphere of ohana.

The first liver transplant was performed in Hawai’i in 1993 and since that time, our surgeons and staff have performed over 200 such transplants. The liver transplant team works closely with the Queen’s Liver Center to provide patients with continuity of care and long-term management of liver disease with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed for those patients who have chronic kidney disease and require dialysis, a treatment to remove toxins from the blood. Most frequently, chronic kidney disease is due to complications of diabetes and high blood pressure. Kidney transplant allows patients to avoid the need for dialysis and have increased energy and a better quality of life. Patients may receive a kidney from a deceased donor or a live donor—from a relative or someone unrelated with a compatible blood type. The first kidney transplant in Hawai’i was performed in 1969.  Since that time, more than 1200 patients have received a kidney transplant—most performed by members of our transplant team.

Referrals/Living Kidney Donation
If you are interested in becoming a candidate for organ transplantation, please consult with your physician and request a referral to the Queen’s Transplant Center. If you are interested in becoming a live kidney donor, please contact the Queen’s Transplant Center.


Kidney Transplant Information Sessions at The Queen’s Medical Center
The Queen’s Transplant Center invites you to attend a free information session to learn more about kidney transplantation and the Queen’s program.
Discussion topics will include
  • The referral process for the Queen's Transplant Center,
  • Basic requirements for kidney transplant candidates at Queen's program
  • Living donation
  • Lifestyle changes after transplant

Classes will be held at the Queen’s Conference Center located on the Queen’s Medical Center campus. Click here for schedule.
To register for a class or for any questions, please call (808) 691-8897.


The Queen's Transplant Center
Physician's Office Building III (3)
550 S Beretania Street, Suite 404
Honolulu, Hawai’i 96813


Additional Information:
 Transplant Surgeons and Transplant Team

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 Alliance for Paired Donation (external link)
          Provides information on paired kidney donation.
 American Society of Transplantation (external link)
          Provides educational material on many aspects of the transplant process.
 American Transplant Association (external link)
          Provides education and services to those affected by organ transplantation.
 National Foundation for Transplants (external link)
          Raises funds for transplantation and related expenses.
 National Institutes of Health: Health Information on Transplantation (external link)
          A compilation of government resources related to transplantation processes.
 National Kidney Foundation (external link)
          Provides information on organ donation and kidney transplantation.
 National Transplant Assistance Fund (external link)
          Helps address financial hardships from uninsured medical expenses.
 United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) (external link)






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