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During your stay at Queen's you will undoubtedly encounter many different Queen's staff members on a daily basis. Here's a brief description of some of the people that you might find on YOUR health care team. (positions are listed in alphabetical order)

Case Managers
A Case Manager will help the Primary Nurse coordinate your care; provide you with health education; answer questions you or your family may have; and assist with any complicated discharge plans that need to be made to help you return home.

Chaplains at The Queen's Medical Center are available to support you and your family's personal belief system. An interfaith chaplain is available 24-hours a day. Your nurse can make arrangements for a visit.

Clinical Social Workers
Clinical Social Workers are available to help patients identify and cope with emotional, social and family issues. They provide counseling regarding adjustments to illness, grief, and crisis situations. They also work with Case Managers and may assist with the coordination of your discharge planning needs.

Clinical Nurse Specialists
Clinical Nurse Specialists are registered nurses (R.N.) with advanced education. They are experts in specific areas of nursing care and can provide you with information and education to assist you in your recovery. These areas of specialty include: pain management, diabetes, wound care, ostomy care, orthopedics, genetic counseling, mental health, aging and other health conditions.

Dietitians are available for consultation upon request to asses your nutritional needs and counsel you or your family about individualized diets to promote health.

Doctors will work with their patients regarding decisions relating to diagnosis and treatment.

Financial Counselors
Financial Counselors are available to answer any financial questions and concerns you may have.

I.V. Therapists
I.V. Therapists are specially trained registered nurses who start intravenous (IV) fluid and assist other nurses in monitoring IVs.

Licensed Practical Nurses (L.P.N.)
Licensed Practical Nurses work under the supervision of a registered nurse and will assist with nursing care.

Nursing Assistants (N.A.)
Nursing Assistants perform basic patient care needs under the direction of a registered nurse.

Patient Relations
The Patient Relations Representatives ensure that your rights as a patient are protected. They act as advocates for you and your family and can assist with resolving problems and filing grievances.

Pharmacists provide drug information to your health care team to ensure that you receive safe and effective medication. They monitor your drug therapy and are available to answer medication related questions. As a patient, you should be an active partner in your care! Be informed by asking all care givers (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) questions about the medication you receive. Inquire about the brand or generic names of the drug, the general purpose of the drug, the dose and important side effects. You can assist health care professionals with proper identification by stating your name or showing your ID bracelet before medications (and other treatments) are given.

Primary Nurses
Primary Nurses are registered nurses (R.N.) who work with your doctors and your health care team to coordinate all aspects of your care. They will also assist you and your family with health information related to your medical condition and care.

Rehabilitation Therapists
Rehabilitation Therapists will assist you in regaining independent living skills for your return home. The team includes Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists who may work with you to develop mobility or muscle strength, increase your independence in self-care activities or improve communication skills and swallowing safety as ordered by your doctor.

Respiratory Care Practitioners
Respiratory Care Practitioners are trained to evaluate breathing difficulties and work closely with your doctor in determining your respiratory needs. They provide education, treatment and monitor your response to therapy 24-hours a day. Prior to your discharge, they can answer any questions you may have.

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